Keli Woods is a UK-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer. Drawing on his experience as a monk and a diverse range of influences (from big band swing to Vedic kirtan), his soulful compositions ignite introspection and invite listeners to ponder life’s big questions. 

Keli’s musical journey started young. After a detour into the world of musical theatre and a near-miss with West End stardom at the age of 11, Keli formed his first jazz band at 13, playing drumkit. This talented group of teenage prodigies started a jazz night in Swansea and captivated audiences as they busked the streets in their whimsical ‘Jazz Ambulance’, a converted decommissioned ambulance. 

Soon though, the late-night rock’n’roll life lost its lustre for the introspective Keli. Worried that his music was merely encouraging escapism, Keli chose to bid adieu to music and embrace life as a monk. He immersed himself in philosophy and spirituality, which ultimately fuelled his return to music with a newfound purpose. “I realised that music could be a vehicle to express these things that I've been studying and practicing,” he says. 

Now, as a solo artist, Keli transforms his experiences into captivating compositions with thought-provoking lyrics. “I’m trying to make music that gets people thinking about all of those deep, meaningful questions that we often postpone asking ourselves because we’re just too scared to ask.” 
His warm and expressive music takes in everything from indie, gospel, folk, Indian, jazz, and acoustic sounds, and draws inspiration from his spiritual journey. As a contemporary bard, he’s composed almost 200 original songs, touching on profound themes such as divine connection, the virtues of patience, and the pursuit of authenticity. His songs serve as an 
enchanting reminder that music can be so much more than a mere escape—it can be a transformative force that touches the very core of our being.



"Keli has an ability to create vivid imagery through his deeply affecting lyrical prose"” - Jessica Neal

Broken Color

"Keli Woods' performance is not only technically impressive but emotionally resonant"” - Emily Harris

GSGM media

Proving the transformative force of music” - Amelia Vandergast